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Plumbing issues deserve prompt attention. Since 1989, the team at Paul Byrnes Emergency Plumbing Service has been offering genuine, 365 days a year, 24/7 services to the Central Coast region. You can count on us to get the job done effectively and communicate with you so together we can achieve your desired outcome quickly, safely and correctly the first time we visit.


The go-to plumber for blocked drains on the Central Coast

We know how pressing and dire plumbing emergencies can be, which is why Paul Byrnes Emergency Plumbing Service offers the best residential plumbers on the Central Coast. We’re the go-to for a number of reasons: 

  • Service is available 24/7 and all year round.
  • Service is guaranteed to be high quality and speedy.
  • We provide thorough inspections.
  • We only use the latest technological solutions.

No matter the severity, we can deal with any and all blocked drains in the Central Coast area — simply call us today to get started. 

Fast emergency drain repair from Paul Byrnes Emergency Plumbing

Whether it’s an overflowing sink or your rain gutters won’t drain, you can call Paul Byrnes Emergency Plumbing on the Central Coast to solve your drainage problem. Emergency drain repair shouldn’t wait, so when you find a problem give us a call immediately. We’ll be there on time, guaranteed! If we’re not, we give you the first two hours of labour for free. We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so it doesn’t matter when you need a blocked drain plumber on the Central Coast, we are there for you.

Technological solutions to clear your blocked drains quickly

In an emergency, blocked drains can quickly spiral into flooding and cause serious damage. Our team uses everything from basic hand rods and plungers to electric eels and water jets to clear blockages. We can put CCTV cameras inside the pipes to inspect any potential damage and track it from aboveground to find out exactly where the blockage is and how deep it is. Whatever the emergency, blocked drains or otherwise, Paul Byrnes Emergency Plumbing will use every tool at our disposal to fix your problem quickly and efficiently.

Using the latest technology, we’re able to provide clients with:

  • Precision Diagnosis — We can do inspections with cctv cameras and electronic pipe location technology to troubleshoot your plumbing system problems.
  • Advanced Monitoring — We use advanced technology, such as CCTVs and locating equipment that helps us to pinpoint Blockages and or damage to drainage pipes allowing us to locate and isolate the cause of your blocked drains.

These innovative solutions allow us to quickly address and mitigate blocked drains on the Central Coast with minimal damage and costs — so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank for repairs.

Residential or commercial emergency, blocked drains can strike anywhere

We provide plumbing services across the Ccentral Ccoast, and do both residential and commercial call outs. We know that a blocked drain at the office is just as bad as a blocked drain at home, and our on-time promise is just what you need to keep your business running. Whether you have an apartment building or a retail premises, we are there for you. A blocked drain doesn’t have to lead to flooding, so when you need a blocked drain plumber on the Central Coast, give Paul Byrnes Emergency Plumbing a call!

Call Paul Byrnes Emergency Plumbing for fast and professional service

There’s no need to panic during a plumbing emergency — simply call Paul Byrnes Emergency Plumbing and let our team resolve your concerns. With over 30 years of experience dealing with blocked drains across the Central Coast, we can promise you reliable service for any blockages and other emergency plumbing issues.

No matter the time of day or the issue at hand, our experienced plumbers are available around the clock to assist. For residential and commercial plumbing emergencies on the Central Coast, call our 24/7 hotline today at 0418 435 897.