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Plumbing Tips For 2022

Plumbing Tips For 2022

Plumbing repair tips for homeowners

When major plumbing problems arise, the wisest choice will always be to book a professional in order to deal with the issue safely and efficiently. In between these major incidents that require a call-out, though, there are some easy plumbing tips you can follow to ensure your water system stays well maintained and working in tip-top condition. Let’s discover a few plumbing tips and tricks you can do yourself, as recommended by the professionals.

The top plumbing tips and tricks

  • Keep your fixtures up to date

    While you might be tempted to let older fixtures in less than perfect condition languish in your home, doing so might actually lead to more severe problems down the line. Making sure that leaky taps, showerheads and other fixtures are regularly replaced and kept in good condition means that you’re less likely to get stung but major damage down the line.

  • Know the location of shut-off valves

    Maybe the most important easy plumbing tip, knowing how to turn off your water supply and where to find the off valve will seriously come in handy should you suffer from a burst pipe, flooding, or unexpected storm damage. Being able to quickly turn off the water supply can save your home from extra damage, giving you valuable time to call a professional emergency plumber.

  • Don’t use harsh cleaning products

    Especially relevant in older homes with more delicate pipes, avoiding harsh chemical cleaners and drain clearing solutions will avoid corrosion and damage to your pipes. Although a lot of these products are readily available at retail hardware stores and grocery shops, using chemical drain cleaners may clear blockages but can end up causing much worse damage to the infrastructure. Instead, try using gentle cleaners or professional products for blockage removals as both will deal with the problem without resulting in you possibly needing major pipe replacement work.

  • Respect your drains!

    This goes hand in hand with avoiding heavy chemical cleaners as an important plumbing repair tip covering what not to do — don’t flush or rinse anything that doesn’t belong in the drain. From excessive food scraps and oils in the kitchen to baby wipes, sanitary towels and large amounts of hair in the bathroom, forcing things down the drain that don’t belong there can cause huge problems later. As well as items that can cause physical blockages, oils, paints and chemical waste should all be stopped from going down the drain. Dispose of these through your local council instead, and save yourself the headache of major plumbing repairs!

The ultimate easy plumbing tip? Call in experts you can trust

When it comes to problems beyond DIY plumbing tips and tricks, at Paul Byrnes Plumbing, we are the experts in solving plumbing emergencies and carrying out maintenance. Booking an appointment is easy, and our technicians always offer a fast and friendly service. We’ll make sure your plumbing needs are all taken care of for many years to come.

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