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Most Common Plumbing Problems

Most Common Plumbing Problems

Aussies live on the driest continent on Earth, and nothing is more precious than our water resources. No matter how many water-saving outlets you’ve installed or how careful you are with your water consumption, plumbing problems in your apartment building or home can wreak havoc on your water usage and monthly utility bill.

The worst thing about plumbing problems is that they may surface whether you’ve been residing in your home for years or have just moved into a newly built apartment, often occurring at the most inconvenient times. In this article, we address prevalent plumbing problems in both apartments and houses, offering guidance to help you conserve water and reduce costs on your utility bill.

Blocked sewer pipes and water mains

If you find that the water pressure in your outlets is lacking, or you’ve been receiving higher than average water bills as of late, you may have a crack in your pipes that is causing excess water to seep out underground. Alternatively, it could mean that tree roots, feminine care products and other debris are interfering with the water flow, requiring more water to flush the toilet or drain from the shower.

These are common plumbing problems in old homes that Paul Byrnes Plumbing can help solve once and for all. With our sewer CCTV camera, toolset, and years of expertise to draw from, we can investigate the extent of your plumbing problems, remove any blockages and even install a new system to eradicate the issue and save you money on your water bill.

Leak detections

We use our taps, showers and toilets every day, and over time, this daily usage can wear down components like the jumper valve, washes and spindles. A single dripping tap can waste 9,000 litres of water a year, and a leaking toilet can squander a substantial 60,000 litres per year — significantly affecting the size of your bill and, quite literally, pouring money down the drain.

This is a common plumbing problem in apartments and houses, but it doesn’t have to be. With a leak detection service from Paul Byrnes Plumbing, you can ensure your internal fittings are tightly sealed so you can enjoy an efficient and wallet-friendly water supply.

Bellied and outdated pipes

Another common plumbing problem in old homes and buildings is outdated pipes. Once-popular materials like lead, galvanised steel and polybutylene are now considered defective and illegal to install today. If your residence features this type of piping, procure the services of a plumber like Paul Byrnes to ensure safe and healthy potable water.

Bellied lines are also among the most common plumbing problems found in old apartment buildings and homes, resulting from the natural movement of your home and land over time. They can cause your pipes to warp and seep water into your foundations or the apartment below you. This issue may require costly remedial work if ignored.

Slow drainage, nasty smells emanating from drains, and irregular patches of grass in your garden can all indicate the presence of pipe issues. For peace of mind, call Paul Byrnes Plumbing. Our knowledgeable team will rectify any plumbing problem before it becomes a hazard for you and your neighbours.

Outlet repairs, replacement and installation at Paul Byrnes Plumbing

From your kitchen and bathroom to your laundry, there are some key areas where common plumbing problems in apartments and homes tend to arise. From repairing or replacing inefficient water heaters, installing new outlets and hardware, or treating water hammers — where the sudden opening and closing of faucets creates an annoying hammering noise — our experienced Paul Byrnes Plumbing team will take care of all your plumbing needs.

It can be easy to ignore plumbing problems in old homes and apartments, especially with your busy schedule. Yet, by promptly addressing your plumbing concerns, you can proactively avoid minor problems from escalating. Timely attention also contributes to huge savings on your utility costs and ensures the sustained functionality and integrity of your overall plumbing system.

When you have the trusted services of the industry professionals at Paul Byrnes Plumbing in your corner, you can enjoy reliable and quality solutions to treat any issue from the first instance. Don’t delay repairing your plumbing issues — get in touch, and we’ll help you conserve water and keep your water bills from skyrocketing each month. 

If you find yourself experiencing water supply issues at home — whether it’s a newly built or old property — you can count on our range of reliable plumbing services to put your mind at ease. Feel free to contact us anytime for all your minor and major plumbing issues and emergencies.

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