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Hot Water Repairs At Home

Hot Water Repairs At Home

Losing hot water at home is not just inconvenient; it can be downright disruptive. A hot water failure can send bathtime into chaos, put your dinner plans into a tailspin and make laundry impossible. While it’s always best to go to the professionals for hot water repairs, here are a few tips for identifying what might be the cause of your hot water problems and what the best course of action is for getting your water flowing again.

Getting to the root of the problem

Not all problems with your hot water supply are the same, and their causes can depend on several factors, including whether you have a gas or electric water supply, the age of your house, the material the pipes are made out of and plenty more. So, before you can get your hot water repaired, you need to establish what the problem is. The following are some of the most common issues and their causes:

  • You’ve lost all hot water supply — The most clear-cut problem, losing hot water supply altogether, might also be one of the more straightforward to solve. If you have electric water heating, check whether the circuit breaker has been tripped, and reset the breaker at the fuse box. The fuse may have also blown, in which case it will need to be replaced. For gas supplies, you may be dealing with a pilot light that has gone out and needs to be re-lit. If you can’t see that any of these causes are the issue, you’ll need to contact a plumber for a more in-depth assessment.
  • Your hot water flow is running out way too fast — The plumbing in many residential properties is many decades old or designed for fewer bathrooms and sinks than there are now on the property. A hot water tank that is too small or an old hot water system that needs repairing may be the source of your cold shower woes. In this case, it’s time to look into hot water repair parts or even a complete replacement with a modern system.
  • The hot water is too hot — Hot water systems come with a thermostat, so if you find the hot water tap is scaldingly hot, the solution may be to adjust the temperature lower, wait an hour, and test your tap again. If this doesn’t help, the problem may be a fault with the hot water unit, so you’ll need to get a technician out to look at the problem.
  • Dirty or discoloured hot water — If your hot water looks dirty or brown, it may be a sign of rusty pipes leaching into the water, or other sediment settling in the hot water tank. Solutions may be to flush out the tank, repairing or replacing pipes and clearing out the drains, depending on the exact cause of the problem.

Reliable hot water repairs on the Central Coast

No matter what you think the problem might be, if you’re unsure about repairing it or you need your hot water supply fixed fast, your best bet is always to go with a professional. At Paul Byrnes Plumbing, we specialise in fast, reliable hot water repairs, so you can get on with your life with minimum disruption. Contact us today for all your plumbing needs!

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